Club Repair

Before any repair services take place in our in-house shop we do one -on- one consultation. Our goal is to ensure that any questions and concerns are heard and fixed. From a simple re-grip to a complete custom set, we want to assure that your clubs are built to your exact needs.

Pre-Season Tune Up - only $99.00

Do you have complete confidence that your current set of golf clubs is performing properly? If your answer is "No," you may need to give your clubs a tune-up.

"We Can Fix That!"


The lie angle of your club is crucial to your golf game. The club face must be square to the ground.

  • If the toe of your club is upright at address you need to have your club flattened.
  • If the heel of your club is dragging on the gound, you need the club to be more upright.

"We Can Fix That!"


Is your 60 degree club really 60 degrees? Over timethe face angle on your club can change.

  • If your clubs are 5 years old or more, your 7 iron may be really an 8 iron. That may be why you finish short of the green.
"We Can Fix That!"


Do you have a good connection with your golf club?

  • If you are playing with the same grips as last year, it may be time to change them. We will replace with Value Grips: Tour Wrap, Tour Velvet
    (Pro-Line grips additional. Offer excludes putter grip and applies to sets of up to 13 clubs.)

"We Can Fix That!"

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