The industries most accurate launch monitor measures:

  • Club path, face angle at impact, displays 3D ball trajectory, smash factor, ball and club head speed, etc.
  • Instant feedback is displayed on the monitor to give a total assessment of every shot made.
  • Golfers can test clubs, practice, and put their skills to the test on Trackman Combine to identify strengths and weaknesses in one's golf game.

*Instructor Required

My Swinguru

  • Swinguru is a 3D swing motion analyzer that captures body movements.
  • It tracks precise head movements, hip and shoulder rotations, balance, posture and alignment.
  • This visual feedback system can pin point your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Give swing to swing comparison, and play back in slow motion.

$40 For 1 Hour Session
$50 Weekend Rate

*Self Diagnostic Session With No Instructor Required
*Up to two People!

Swinguru Pro

  • The combination of 2D & 3D visualization features combined to Swinguru 3D data make it possible to see and measure key elements of the swing at any moment.
  • Record ideal student’s swing positions, then let the student train and feel the right move by matching ideal positions during progressive stages with live audio and visual feedback.

*Instructor Required


Practice on a 3D practice range, take part in a skills challenge, and compete in a longest drive and closest to the pin contest.

Skytrak tests and track your:

  • accuracy,
  • distance,
  • along with identifying your launch angles, spin rate, ball speed, etc.

Compare and store shot data in a cloud based locker to analyze performance, average distance with each club, a top view of each shot and so much more.

$40 For One Hour Session
$50 Weekend Rate

*Self Diagnostic Session With No Instructor Required.
*Up to Two People!

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