Marine Park Golf Course is now equipped with the latest technology in golf swing and ball fight analysis… TrackMan.

TrackMan golf radar is the choice for swing and ball flight analysis by golf’s leading authorities: the PGA TOUR and the R&A as well as TOUR Pros, equipment manufacturers, coaches, retailers, club fitters, and broadcast media. TrackMan’s industry-leading precision, reliability, and ease-of-use will enable Marine Park Golf Course to develop products and services that will better engage you, the customer.

From gaming applications to performance analysis, TrackMan is changing the way professionals and the rest of us enjoy and improve our golf experience.

Good question! Simply put, TrackMan will identify your patterns so you will understand what happens in your unique golf swing. Real-time results will assist with your ball going longer, higher and further with each club.

We will be posting videos and pictures of TrackMan in use here at Marine Park Golf Course, so please check back shortly for more information.

TrackMan can be used during your private instruction with one of our Golf Pros. CLICK HERE to learn more information about how our pros can improve your game.

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